God of War: Ghost of Sparta dishes out story details in new trailer

Long, long ago back when the original God of War hit there was a lot of speculation about where a potential sequel could go. We had no idea that two years later we’d be stabbing up Zeus and co, especially seeing as the original game packed in a big hint about another possible story. A video unlocked after beating the game, hinting at Kratos’ brother showing up for the next game.

Of the four games that have followed, none have even mentioned a whisper about this story; that’s set to change with God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The latest trailer for the PSP exclusive has revealed that the anti-hero’s sibling Deimos will play a key role in the story. For franchise fans, and those left wondering about the hints dropped at the end of God of War III, this is huge news.

Not only that, but specially marked packs will hold a code to play as Deimos. If none of that gets you going, maybe the gameplay tidbits in the trailer will.

Ghost of Sparta hits November 2nd.