Nintendo could be facing some trouble after Christmas

Today in an investor call, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata admitted that if the Wii doesn’t perform well this Christmas, then Nintendo “could be in trouble”.

Iwata went on to detail that Wii sales “are not very strong” at the moment, but claimed that Nintendo feels it can endure through this financial situation.

“When we see the current situation, and when we analyze the mindsets of people who have not purchased Wii yet, our understanding is that the sales will be much more concentrated during the year-end sales season than before,” Iwata stated to investors. “This is not an observation held by Nintendo alone. In fact, as we discuss with many retailers around the world as to what will become of this year-end sales season, most of them view the trend just as we do.”

Iwata closed his statements by saying “…in other words, we do not have the mindset that our home game consoles business will not see any further growth so there, we have to do something to sustain the sale.”

In light of the newly announced Wii Remote Plus, it seems that Nintendo is indeed making an effort to stay afloat. Iwata also mentioned that the 3DS will be the first 3D device sold in large volume, so do take that into account as well.