Rockstar releases free hunting and trading outfits for Red Dead Redemption

Even the most grizzled cowboys like dressin’ purdy once in while, a feat made much easier in Red Dead Redemption thanks to Rockstar’s release of two free outfits for former outlaw John Marston.

As a thank you to their fans, the developer will be releasing their Hunting and Trading Outfits pack for the low price of nothing next Tuesday, October 12th simultaneously on both Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. The new duds don’t just look good, they also open up new challenges and grant perks when haggling (the Savvy Merchant outfit allows you to buy guns and ammunition from any gunsmith for half price) or hunting (the Expert Hunter outfit allows you to earn double the amount of skins and hides from hunting).

It will also include a compatibility update making those playing as characters from Red Dead Revolver visible to those who don’t have the Liars and Cheats Pack or the Legends & Killers Pack, which you’ll still have to purchase if you want your own full body makeover.

And if that ‘aint enough to get your saddle in a twist, there’s always the Jackalope.