THQ working on “expensive” game for Move, Kinect

When someone asks  how I like PlayStation’s Move, my response is always something along the lines that I’m waiting for the next wave of games to emerge to really pass judgement. I can’t really base my decision on party games alone, and I’m sure I’ll say the same for Microsoft’s Kinect. However, if the news that THQ is dumping a lot of money into a title for both Move and Kinect is any indication, I may have a firm opinion sooner rather than later.

Speaking in a recent  interview, THQ Core head Danny Bilson revealed that the publisher is currently hard at work on an unannounced title that has been given a sizable budget. He teases that  the company won’t give any details at this point, simply stating that the game is “really expensive” and set to release at the end of March.

“Our group is doing a really expensive game for Move and Kinect right now,” says the exec. “We just decided to invest a lot more money in it… we got to the point in development, and we decided ‘You know what? We gotta make this the best in the class of what it is.’

“So my group on the core side, we’re actually spending a lot of money on one game in particular that’s gonna ship at the end of March. But we haven’t quite announced it yet. But we have one big game on Move, Kinect, and Wii. We’ll be announcing it really soon.”