A little more than 5% of Halo: Reach players have beaten Campaign solo on Legendary

Bungie’s Halo installments are notoriously difficult on high difficulty levels. And the same is proving true for Halo: Reach.

Its Legendary difficulty, the highest difficulty setting players can choose, is a downright beast. Difficult to beat cooperatively, and nearly impossible to tackle flying solo.

So it makes sense that in this week’s Bungie Weekly Update, the developer revealed a startling statistic.

According to Bungie, barely more than 5% of the Halo: Reach userbase have earned the “A Monument to All Your Sins” achievement. That chieve is unlocked when players, as you would guess, beat the campaign on Legendary, all alone.

I beat the campaign on Heroic by myself and at times I felt like throwing my controller at the wall (goddamn Hunters!). Currently I’m slogging through on Legendary with my brother across Xbox Live and, yeah, it’s a b*tch.

What about you? Have you beaten Halo: Reach‘s campaign on Legendary (alone, or not?).