Hunted looking to merge Call of Duty with Lord of the Rings

As gamers we usually assume a few things about the fantasy setting in terms of gameplay. After all, most titles making use of the setting are RPGs, usually tactic heavy, and slow to play, something that isn’t appealing to a huge amount of people. Looking at Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, you may well draw the same assumptions but you really shouldn’t. Instead of Dragon Age, game director Maxx Kaufman thinks you should be more looking towards Call of Duty for this 3rd person action game.

We asked Kaufman what holes he thought the game was filling at the Eurogamer Expo this year, to which he replied: “For me it scratches that itch for people who love fast-paced action and like fantasy. It’s kind of in between those two areas and I just think there’s a tremendous audience for it. Look at the FPS genre; 25 million people buy Call of Duty right? So of those 25 million, I’m sure a lot like fantasy, I mean The Lord of the Rings is a huge movie.”

This puts Hunted in an interesting position indeed, mixing one of the biggest movie franchises with one of the biggest game franchises? Why has no one thought of that before? “We thought there was a bridge there, something that we could do that was a unique take on both genres and bringing them together. That’s how we’re looking to appeal to players.”

We’ll find out if Hunted has been successful on its quest early next year. Check out our full interview with Kaufman here.