Analyst: Reaction to Kinect/Move price points ‘surprising’

Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian finds the positive reaction to Kinect and PlayStation Move’s somewhat high-end pricing to be a surprise.

Writing in a research note sent out today, the analyst also notes that Microsoft and Sony’s respective motion controllers are seeing “increasing interest” and “healthy demand,” but doesn’t believe them to “materially impact” holiday console sales.

“Consistent with the strong interest in core holiday titles, our survey also suggests healthy demand for Kinect and Sony Move,” the report reads.

“We are somewhat surprised by the positive reaction given the relatively high price points ($149 for Kinect and $99+ for Move) and the lack of many compatible games for the devices. While motion controllers are unlikely to materially impact console game sales in Q4, we do think they could act as a catalyst for stocks, as indicators of future demand for software.”

Kinect will launch in North America and Europe next month. Move is already out all over.