Console gamers not “well served,” Brink dev feels

Splash Damage have made a cozy little nest for multiplayer PC gaming over the past few years. Their upcoming title Brink sees them step out of their comfort zone however, offering a shooter that features a structured campaign complete with story.

Edward Stern, the game’s writer spoke to us about why they decided to make a change at the Eurogamer Expo this year: “We just felt like console gamers weren’t being particularly well served and we could do better,” Stern began. “So the challenge for us was could we create our own IP seeing as we’ve been very lucky working on other properties.”

So how did the devs go about making a solid new experience? “We took everything we knew was great about multiplayer games and made it accessible for a console audience, and we took everything we knew was incredibly frustrating about the online experience and got rid of it.”

Splash Damage certainly sound like they’re giving Brink their very best efforts. Will we find the ultimate online experience in this shooter? Next year will reveal all.