Game budgets to increase further, Guerrilla reckons

Game budgets haven’t yet peaked. Such is the opinion of Guerrilla Games’ Steven Ter Heide.

Chatting with GI, the lead producer said the cost of developing games will “probably continue to rise for the next couple of years,” pointing to “the amount of stuff that you need to put into games, the stuff that the audience is expecting”; words that come as quite the opposite to those of EA Partners VP and group GM David DeMartini. “I think budgets for games have actually peaked and are starting to move in the reverse direction again,” DeMartini said in August.

Not so according to the Killzone studio man though: “I don’t see it levelling out – both spectrums are going to continue to grow, from top to bottom.”

Ter Heide also touched on the Guerrilla’s future, suggesting that the new, post-Killzone 3 intellectual property may remain in the FPS genre.

“Obviously we’re going to play to our strengths, we’re not suddenly going to start making football games. That’s not on the cards for us,” he said. “At the same time we want to say, ‘what would the fans expect, if Guerrilla is making a new IP, what kind of games would they expect to come out of that?'”

“So the next franchise is again something that we would like to make ourselves, what that’s going to be, I’ve no idea yet.”