Nintendo chip in on piracy

A lot of publishers and developers look to place the blame squarley on priacy when their games fail to perform. It’s certainly dealt a hefty blow to PC gaming over the years, but console gaming isn’t suffering as much. Still, we all know the Wii doesn’t shift the biggest numbers when it comes to software titles (unless Mario is in the name) but CEO Satoru Iwata refuses to place the blame on piracy alone.

“Even with piracy, as long as we can create products which can attract attention from many consumers and which can greatly entertain them, that software can make it to the number one position of the hit software sales chart,” Iwata told Eurogamer. “So, we would like to consider it from both perspectives simultaneously. It is true there is always the influence of piracy, but it is important for us to increase the number of our consumers who are willing to shell out their money to purchase our products.”

The company’s upcoming handheld, the 3DS, will take point in the fight against piracy, to which Iwata said, “Of course, as a responsibility of the platform holder, we will tackle piracy. For example, when we launch new hardware, such as Nintendo 3DS, it is a good opportunity to beef up the countermeasures, and we are actually working on that now.”