Analyst: Sony “may have missed their opportunity” regarding PSP 2

One of the biggest rumors surrounding this year’s E3 was whether or not Sony would surprise by announcing a PSP 2 and not look silly by once again lacking the ability to retain a secret within the company. Evidently, they kind of messed up anyway. Since said announcement was never made, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter recently expressed that Sony missed its opportunity and that the company is falling behind while the rest of the handheld market is pushing forward.

“I’m not sure Sony are going to keep up,” said Pachter, “they may have missed their opportunity. They went down the portable music player route 30 years ago, and they’ve now conceded that market completely to Apple. When Sony went from a television and portable music company, to being a console company, they should have seen the market for a handheld, and they pretty much conceded that market to Nintendo when the Gameboy came out.”

Added Pachter: “I think Sony has carved out a niche for themselves, that isn’t as big as they originally thought, which is the over 13 crowd. They’ve given up the young end of the market to Nintendo and the middle part of the market to iPhone and iPod Touch. I just don’t know if there is a market for a pure gaming device anymore. Someone should give them a time machine to go back and fix all of this before it happened.”