Microsoft opening up Kinect for indie developers soon

Are mere two months back, there were no plans to let the “little guy” in on the Kinect movement, but in a sudden turn of events, Microsoft will be providing indie developers with the Kinect dev tools sooner rather than later.

Corporate vice president for Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer showed his excitement in a recent interview in which he said that “getting a broad set of developers supporting our platform at all levels is important to our success.” That makes sense given the critical acclaim of some of the indie games on Xbox Live, let alone the latest Arcade games.

“When community will light up, we don’t have a date lined up yet. It’s not that I’m hiding it from you I just don’t know. But getting a broad set of developers supporting our platform at all levels is important to our success. It’s in our plan to make that happen,” said Spencer. “It was one of the things that was exciting to me seeing the experiences at TGS that were a little bit out there. You start to feel like you can have people doing really different things, and the platform documentation is there to the point where people can go create a flaming baseball game while somebody else is doing a river rafting game.”

He finished: “I’m trying to answer your question specifically about how far away we are. I think we’re close…when you can simply drop the things in and go away and it works perfectly, then you’re ready. And I think we’re close given we’re so close to shipping.”

Xbox 360 owners will receive a Kinect-ready dashboard update between now and November 4th, the day Kinect launches in North America, swiftly followed by its European launch a few days later on November 10th.