Move off to “a good start,” bodes well for Kinect

With Sony failing to release official sales numbers for their new PlayStation Move, there is no definitive way to know how the motion control device has performed at retail so far, so we turn to the next best thing: analysts. According to a survey from US based Lazard Capital Markets, the device is off to a “good start,” which leads them to believe it will also hold true for Microsoft’s Kinect, due out in North America November 4th.

“We believe that Sony’s Move is off to a good start at retail, with limited supplies, and our survey also bodes well for the launch of Kinect,” said Lazard’s Colin Sebastian.

Sebastian goes on to say that the company is “somewhat surprised by the positive reaction” the Move and Kinect have received, given their considerably high price points and lack of gaming titles. He also admits that the two new devices probably won’t greatly impact console game sales in the last quarter of this year, but the effect they have on each company’s stock price should serve as an indicator for future software demand.