X-Men Arcade coming to Xbox Live/PSN

If you ever went to a decent-sized arcade in the early 90’s, it was pretty hard to miss the giant 6-player cabinet for X-Men: The Arcade Game. Now you can have that same experience at home, without having to knock down any walls.

Konami’s announced that they will be releasing X-Men Arcade for Xbox Live and PSN later this year, the first time it has ever been ported to a home console.┬áThe port will feature 4-player local co-op or, for the full arcade experience with a modern twist, 6-player online co-op with drop in/out functionality. Also included are leaderboards and intriguing features such as the ability to choose which level to start from on which difficulty with the new Custom Match Mode.

No official word yet on release date or price, but Konami is aiming for December, just in time for the holidays. Consider my nostalgia bone tickled.