Keiji Inafune hates his job, gamers wish they had it

You could be forgiven for thinking that creating classic videogame franchises like Mega Man and working on modern hits like Dead Rising would be a great job. Apparently it’s not. “It’s the opposite,” says Keiji Inafune. “I hate it! I want to retire early and take it easy.”

I’m betting right now millions of gamers all over the world are saying “I’ll have your job then!”

Development is not all fun and games though. Inafune said that the stress is why he is working so hard now, stating that if one likes their work, then they can take it slow. He then added that he could do a small bit of work on a game like Dead Rising and then get paid a high salary.

“There are loads of creators like that,” he explains. “But I’m not like that. If things are difficult while they are doing it, they can become a leader and a creator.”

All work and no play makes Keiji Inafune a dull boy, it seems; but considering some of the great games he’s worked on, can we really blame him?