Microsoft “working hard” to meet Kinect demand

Hot on the heels of reports that Kinect is selling out all across the UK comes word from Microsoft itself saying, in short, ‘Don’t panic.’ The technology giant is assuring consumers that it is working hard to ensure supply will meet demand for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

“Pre-orders have demonstrated that there is exceptional consumer excitement and demand for Kinect,” a spokesperson for Microsoft said, “and we will continue to work hard to ensure that Kinect for Xbox 360 is available for the Christmas season.”

The representative continued, highlighting the fact of the Kinect launch taking place over a span of three weeks in every market the Xbox 360 is sold, making it necessary to have “more units of Kinect available than any other Xbox launch.”

That’s a bunch of units, and a bunch of HD-DVD graveyard companions if this technology doesn’t pan out like they hope. Fingers crossed, Microsoft.