Blizzard justifies StarCraft II single-player bans

It’s not unheard of for a developer to ban players cheating on the multiplayer modes of their games, but Blizzard has gone one further by punishing people who are using third-party hacks in the single-player campaign of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. This has left some fans more than a little frustrated, so Blizzard spoke to IGN on why they’ve carried out the bans.

“It’s important to point out first, that many of the 3rd-party hacks and cheats developed for StarCraft II contain both single and multiplayer functionality.

“In order to protect the integrity of multiplayer competition, we are actively detecting cheat programs used in multiplayer modes whether there are human opponents or not.” So basically fans are downloading hacks that – along with single-player – give them an edge in multiplayer too, and even if they aren’t using them Blizzard isn’t going to stand for it.

“That said, players who opt to use any type of 3rd party hacks do so at their own risk — there are already built-in cheat codes for StarCraft II single-player that can be used safely.” Better cancel that hack download then!