Redbox to offer game rental service

You’ve probably  seen a Redbox $1/night movie rental kiosk if you’ve been in a McDonald’s, CVS or Walmart (like the one above) recently. Now you can expect to see game rentals as well. Redbox’s announced that their test of offering game rentals in select locations will be expanding to more markets in the West, Midwest and Atlantic Coast.

Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 rentals will cost $2/night (24-hour period), and just like their movie rental service, disks can be reserved online, picked up at a local kiosk, and returned to any kiosk at any location. You can also choose games directly at the kiosk, if you’re feeling impulsive.

Is it a good deal? Being able to burn through short single-player campaigns for as little as $2 may be an enticing development for some. Their list of games already includes many recent releases, and is sure to expand in the coming months if the service takes off.