Split/Second DLC on the rise

Disney Interactive Studios announced today that Split/Second will be getting three new DLC packs on both the 360 and PS3.

The first of the bunch is called “Survival at the Rock Pack” (trailer above), which comes with a new mode, survival race, and a new track, the Minepit Park track. Survival race is a bit like survival mode, only with one variable thrown in: monster trucks dropping exploding barrels, so if you feel as if survival mode somehow different this time around, know that it might have something to do with that.

The second pack is called “Deadline pack”, which includes “deadline”, a mode where players race against the clock and collect power-ups to freeze the clock. Of course, risky play is also rewarded, as drifting while picking up power-ups will increase the effectiveness of said power-up. New vehicles are also thrown in to sweeten the deal, as the Ryback Coyote Special, Cobretti Centaur, Ryback Javelin, and Hanzo Kanobo will make their appearance.

Lastly, the third pack is called “Quarry onslaught pack”, featuring “quarry”, a new track taking place near the Minepit Park track. The track will also be fair game for race, elimination, detonator, deadline and air strike/revenge along with the new and included onslaught modes. Onslaught, both a single and multiplayer mode, has players dodging waves of missiles from a helicopter.

To top things off, Disney Interactive also announced the release date for the PSP version of Split/Second: Velocity as November 19th, 2010.