Kinect lets you sink into your couch with confidence

For all those afraid of the prospect of standing and moving going hand in hand with Microsoft’s Kinect, fear not. In response to developers raising concerns about the deficiency in the little black box to recognize a seated individual, Microsoft has updated its software. Eurogamer helped out by shedding some light on just how this was done.

Kinect initially recognized the bottom of the spine as the base node used for skeletal models. This is all good and fine until the couch coaxes your lower self to sink below your legs at which point you become a furniture-human hybrid. The confusing effect on Kinect was enough to cause problems.

The solution, change the base node to the back of the neck. As developers get used to these changes, it should alleviate future issues. The updates, however, came a little too late to be implemented into the launch titles. While some developers already took matters into their own hands and worked around the problem, expect to see more consistency in the future.

So sit back, grab some Cheetos and waggle your arms with joy!