Two Worlds II is officially delayed for the UK

If you live in the UK and had plans for purchasing Two Worlds II for Christmas, you are out of luck. SouthPeak’s announced that the UK release of the game has officially been pushed back to the post-Christmas season.

“We’ve made a decision to publish Two Worlds II in the UK and Australia just after Christmas,” SouthPeak said.

Despite the saddening news with no official release date in sight, the publisher did have a reason for this delay:  “November is an exceptionally busy period at retail, with many other high profile games launching around that time and we want to ensure that Two Worlds II gets the shelf space it deserves.”

The RPG was recently delayed to 2011 in North America as well, but will still be released in Europe (on November 9th) this year. It will be going up against some stiff competition upon release, such as Fable III and Call of Duty: Black Ops.