Angry Birds clocks up 1 million Android downloads in a day, brings down GetJar

Update: According to a Rovio tweet posted this morning, Angry Birds has now reached a whopping 2 million downloads over the weekend.

Who can pass up a free game, eh?

Well, Android users certainly can’t, clocking up over 1 million downloads of Rovio’s hit bird-lobbing game Angry Birds on Friday’s launch alone.

Doing the math, the game was downloaded 12 times every second, consequently bringing down GetJar – the world’s largest independent mobile application store – under the sheer server load caused by the stampeding masses. Thankfully, Rovio has now posted the game in Google’s Android Market too, meaning there should be less risk of a nasty 404 error when trying to download it from now on.

Who knows? Angry Birds‘ success may encourage more studios to recognise Android as a viable platform to develop for and keep it at least marginally competitive with Apple’s Game Center and Microsoft’s Xbox Live service for the new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Got an Android phone and still wondering what the fuss is about? Pick up the game yourself at Android Market or GetJar.