EA unveils MicroBot, an infectious arcade-style shooter

EA’s revealed a new downloadable arcade-style shooter that takes place in an interesting setting: the inside of a human body. MicroBot lets gamers take control of a microscopic ship on a mission to eliminate rogue MicroBots that have turned on its master, MicroHexon Research, and are working with viruses in an effort to take control of an unknown host body.

Like all botched robot experiments, the original plan seemed like a grand idea. MicroHexon Research invents microscopic “autonomous nanotech machines” to target and eliminate diseases and various health ailments upon injection. Brilliant. But instead these MicroBots  bond to diseased cells and are now multiplying like gangbusters. Crap.

Taking control of a new prototype MicroBot, players navigate through veins, bones, lungs and the brain, adjusting to the currents of the human body which create both additional hazards and combat advantages.

MicroBot will also feature unlockable upgrades to improve weapons, defensive systems, movement controls and special abilities. It’ll also include drop-in/drop-out co-op play.

These upgrades and the “fluid dynamics of the world” add up to a “unique take on the arcade shooter genre,” according to Jason Haber of Electronic Arts.

Developed by Naked Sky Entertainment (see Star Trek DAC), MicroBot will be released on Xbox Live and PSN sometime in “Winter 2011.”

For now, take a look at the teaser above and call us in the morning.