New Mortal Kombat trailer features Scorpion, looks familiar

When watching the latest Mortal Kombat trailer, the presentation and progression of the video might give you a feeling of deja vu. You might be reminded of a different game that also involved an angry anti-hero with chained blades. That other game might rhyme with “Cod of Door”. That other game is God of War.

Similarities in presentation aside, the trailer also sports a healthy dose of Scorpion gameplay, showcasing the yellow ninja wailing on Sub-Zero with fire, chained spearheads, and swords alike. Not much else is revealed in the trailer aside from some back story on the history between the two, which might remind you of another game (just kidding).

This might be the start of a series of vignettes on the Mortal Kombat roster, so keep your eyes peeled for some future videos.