Tony Hawk developer facing layoffs

Cutbacks continue to addle the gaming industry. The most recent victim is Robomodo, developer of the forthcoming Tony Hawk: Shred. According to reports, as many as 60 people may ultimately be let go from the two year old company.

The layoffs are likely a result of the announcement that Activision, publisher of the Tony Hawk games, had taken development of the franchise away from Robomodo. It should further be noted that Robomodo was behind last year’s ill-received Tony Hawk: Ride.

President Josh Tsui has commented: “It is always difficult to let hard-working and valued employees go. Robomodo has retained all of the company’s directors and leads, along with other staff members. All are busy working on future projects and ideas, which will become the innovative games of tomorrow. We hope to bring back some of our team as we ramp up on our next projects.”

Activision hasn’t offered a comment.