THQ opens Montreal studio, will house AAA teams

The team ex-Ubisoft man and Assassin’s Creed creative lead Patrice Desilets will be heading up is one of “at least” two that THQ’s new Montreal-based outfit will be housing; a detail revealed by the publisher’s core games executive vice president Danny Bilson at the studio’s formal announcement today.

The studio is hoping to hire up to 400 developers in the next five years but isn’t revealing much about its doings just yet. It was only said that some of the people Desilets has worked with in the past will do so again, suggesting the publisher may have managed to attract some of his Ubisoft colleagues.

As for the second team, it will be announced at a later time. Both will be dedicated to creating triple-A games, however; the focus for the studio as a whole is “awesome core games,” according to Bilson.

“There’s no room for average games anymore.”