Atlus “rolls out” new teaser, announces platforms for Rock of Ages

Atlus has “rolled out” (their pun, not ours) a new teaser for Rock of Ages, the download-only castle destruction game starring a gigantic, smiley-faced boulder. It also unveiled that the ACE Team-developed title will be available for download on XBLA, PSN and PC while sticking to the previously stated release date of “spring 2011.”

The strategy title challenges gamers to guide a massive boulder through various boards in an effort to turn opposing castles into piles of rubble. The strategy part really comes into play as you set up various obstacles to defend your own castle from boulder attacks.

With press releases that never disappoint, here’s a pun-licious statement from Aram Jabbari, manager of public relations and sales: “ACE Team and Atlus are letting people know that Rock of Ages is a game that will not be taken for granite. This game will not roll silently into the night. It’s just going to pick up steam and go hurtling through your mind, crushing every last thatched-roof cottage of doubt and hesitation until your defenses buckle and you buy it.”

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