Milo shown off to Epic Games

That Peter Molyneux, he’s a crafty one. After showing off Milo at E3 2009, we were later told it was a “tech demo” instead of an actual game, a statement quickly amended to mean it won’t be out this holiday season. Suddenly, months later, Milo is a “world changing” game which gets canceled and assimilated into the Fable series. Now Molyneux is demoing the maybe-cancelled-but-not-really-tech-demo-game-thing to Gears of War developer Epic Games.

Using his Twitter account, Gears executive producer Rod Fergusson let the world know that Molyneux was paying them a visit, saying that the company occasionally has guest speakers come in and give lectures and they were “fortunate enough to have Peter Molyneux for the latest one.” Shortly after the speech was concluded, Fergusson followed up with another tweet, this time specifically talking about the Milo demonstration and admitting that he would “definitely play it.”

Still nothing firm on whether the childhood sim is going to be released, but if Epic Games likes it, it can’t be all bad. Can it?