DICE promise a proper PC version of Battlefield 3

Let’s face it, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 may have rocked consoles earlier this year but Battlefield is a PC franchise and always will be. Now that we all know Battlefield 3 is coming, DICE designer Alan Kertz has assured PC players that they won’t be getting a “consolized” version of the game.

Speaking on the EA forums, he revealed: “It’s too early to talk BF3 specifics. But it’s never too early for me to acknowledge that PC players have a fear that BF3 will be ‘consolized.’ PC gaming is alive and well, BFBC2 has proven that and no one at DICE or EA can argue with the numbers. Battlefield 3 needs an extra bit of special attention on the PC. I intend to give it that attention, tradition and our community demand it.”

Battlefield 3 will be coming to both consoles as well as PC, Medal of Honor sort of confirmed that. Battlefield games are a big deal, especially when they’re part of the main series so we don’t doubt DICE’s commitment to the project. I’m now officially sick of writing the word Battlefield.