Lionhead lead the revolution in new Fable III trailer, free DLC for new copies

Looks like the Lionhead boss has trained up an army of mini-Molynuex’s; the latest Fable III trailer above has the development team personally giving you their pitch on the game. They’re here to explain why their latest project is something to look out for, complete with clips of the game. Even Peter Molyneux himself chips in a few, exciting words.

Hopefully the team’s really sold you then, because if you pick up the game new there’ll be some free DLC in it for you. A code inside new boxes will unlock Raise Dead and Slow Time potions, outfits including Scot Male and Female Hero, the Highlander Tattoo Set, and the Red Setter skin for your dog.

Plenty of reason to look forward the 26th in the US then, or 29th if you live in Europe.