Witcher 2 dev: DLC a natural move

The Witcher 2 is set to blow our minds on PC in 2011, with a console release still uncertain, and developers CD Projekt are considering ways to leverage the new technology to the fullest. One option: downloadable content.

“There’s definitely a lot of stories there to be told,” says Tomasz Gop, senior producer on the game. “Nothing really solid that I want to talk about right now but yes, it seems a really natural move to go to DLC.”

While Gop wouldn’t go into detail, or even go beyond saying that DLC was something they were only “thinking about,” he did admit that there are new possibilities and ideas to be conveyed with the new technology developed for the game. However, before any of that can be realized, Gop wants to make sure they “do the game first.”

From what we’ve seen so far, CD Projekt and team are doing a fine job.