$50m for full Fallout rights? ‘No way’, said Bethesda

The ongoing dispute between Interplay and Bethesda for the full rights of the Fallout franchise has just revealed a few more details, as President of Interplay Eric Caen recently stated in an interview that Bethesda saw a $50 million dollar price tag to be a bit hefty.

“Hervé Caen started negotiations with Bethesda to sell Fallout to them. My brother said: ‘If you want the full IP, the value of it is $50 million’,” said Caen.

Hervé Caen, brother of Eric Caen, was President of Interplay at that time.

“They said: ‘No way. Why $50 million?’ We said: ‘Because the MMOG strength of this universe is huge.’ Bethesda said: ‘We don’t want that. Let’s buy everything else but the MMOG. Do the MMOG.’ They said that Interplay had to start development and by a certain time we had to have a full game in development.”

That last quote seems to be what this battle is all about. Interplay had apparently not met their obligation toward Bethesda, even though the company claims it had. And in spring 2009 came the official word, as “Bethesda sends a termination letter to Interplay, saying: ‘You did not fulfil your obligation.'” Today, the mysterious Project V13 is widely believed to be the MMOG in question. The reason we don’t know much about it is because Caen believes that “anything we show will help Bethesda in their fight.”

In hindsight, given the immense success of Fallout 3, Bethesda might have realized by now that the price offered to buy the full rights for Fallout wasn’t that big after all.