Black Ops censors itself, takes out neck breaking kill

Considering this is the franchise that – only a year ago – let us gun down innocent civilians in an airport, it’s rather surprising to find that the devs behind Call of Duty: Black Ops found something in their own game that was “too much”, even for this series. It’s true though; Treyarch director Dave Anthony revealed that a certain kill has been taken out of the game because it went too far.

“There were situations going too far,” Anthony said. “It was a a contextual kill where you were twisting the neck. It was too much. The throat cutting [is] nasty, but that was worse.”

The funny thing is that now we’ve heard about it, we want to see it. Treyarch’s last Call of Duty game, World at War was pretty brutal too but it sounds like Black Ops is taking even this aspect up a notch this time around.