Breach goes hardcore

Atomic Games, well-known for blending military tactics with the games they create, is implementing a hardcore mode for Breach, their upcoming download-only title for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

In an attempt to provide organizations using Atomic’s systems and games as a base for simulating real-life situations to train in, the developer is changing and twisting some details in Breach which ultimately means that the game will have a hardcore mode available, much like any Call of Duty game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor.

What are said changes? Have a go at the list below:

– New “Sole Survivor” Game Type in which each player is given only one life and no re-spawns, causing them to move and shoot with much more care and precision in this Team Deathmatch-like competition.
– Minimal HUD experience – aiming reticule and other items are turned off, while certain other items are left in as real life affords greater situational awareness.
– Disabling of Mini-Map radar system – removes the ability to use the radar to track enemy and friendly forces, players must be more aware of their surroundings.
– Disabling of ammo counter and weapon fire-mode display.
– Disabling of Kill Cam system – no longer gives you a hint about the person who killed you or where they were located, keeping your effective kill locations hidden.
– Modified Damage Settings creating a more lethal experience – more realistic damage from all weapons, making direct fire fights highly lethal. Use cover to gain the upper hand.
– Hardcore mode can be applied to any of the existing maps and game types, creating a unique twist for the serious gamers across the board.
– Filter match searchers by normal or hardcore to match your play style.

Breach is scheduled for a simultaneous release on Xbox Live Arcade and PC in January 2011.