Square Enix planning ten years of Deus Ex

Square Enix has big plans for the Deus Ex name. Dormant since 2003, the franchise is making a promising return early next year when Deus Ex: Human Revolution hits the shelves, and that looks to be only the beginning.

According to CEO Yoichi Wada, the role-playing shooter franchise can be brought as an example of a property the company is trying to revitalize. “We want to keep on producing profit from that IP for the next ten years,” the executive tells MCV.

Wada puts the sci-fi series right next to “bread-earner” Final Fantasy in fact, saying the two are among the publisher’s key properties that will continue to grow.

Final Fantasy has always been a bread-earner for us. It has always been profitable. Of course, we would like to be expanding on those two key IPs [Final Fantasy and Deus Ex], and others that are very strong to us.”

The Deus Ex series will first be expanded on by way of a downloadable content for Human Revolution; an extension is already in the works, producer David Anfossi revealed at Gamescom last month.