UK devs get “driven into the ground” says Splash Damage

There are a few high profile devs residing in the United Kingdom at the moment with Criterion Games, Media Molecule and Lionhead perhaps having the most recognition. Snapping at their heels is Splash Damage, the Brink developer that’s gained a lot of attention with their latest title. Paul Wedgewood, the studio’s founder, recently offered his comments on the current state of UK game development.

“If there’s one thing we suffer from in the UK, it has been this continuous exploitation of game developer talent until we drive them into the ground and they become cynical and burned out and hate the industry.”

While Wedgewood doesn’t give specific examples, his experience with the studio and the industry itself gives his claims strong ground.

“We suffer from the same challenges that every studio does, we crunch six-day, seven-day weeks sometimes: it can be really, really challenging,” he said, “But to be honest with you, when the studio isn’t in crunch we still have people working six or seven days a week because they like what they’re doing.”

Despite Wedgewood’s claims, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, LittleBigPlanet 2, Fable III, and Brink are still set for huge releases. So at least gamers can get their hands on what Britain’s best has to offer soon.