Demon Hunter class announced for Diablo III

At long last, all five classes have been revealed for Diablo III: the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, the Wizard, the Monk, and, announced at BlizzCon 2010 this weekend, the Demon Hunter.

The trailer is, like all Blizzard trailers, gorgeous with action scenes and juicy gameplay footage to boot. Throughout the trailer, the Demon Hunter can be seen stylishly dual wielding crossbows, grenades, and bolas alike (strange how often dual wielding firearms is associated with demon hunting these days, eh?).

From what the gameplay footage and trailer suggests, the Demon Hunter is somewhat of a ranged weapon specialist, having skills such as Fan of Knives, Molten Arrow, Grenade, Entangling Shot, and Bola to name a few.

Despite the unveiling of the fifth and final class in Diablo III, no set release date can be seen, as per usual with upcoming Blizzard titles.