PS3 version of Shaun White Skateboarding gets a recall, will get a late release

So here’s a new reason for delay. A game can be set back for extra dev time, or it can deal with some last second bugs that need to be dealt with, or even a sensitive groups want you to remove a possibly insensitive song from your game. Momentous human error, to my knowledge, is extremely rarely the culprit, as is the case here.

For those of you looking to pick up Shaun White Skateboarding for your PS3s, you’re going to have to sit tight a bit. It turns out that a “manufacturing issue” needs to be dealt with, because every copy of the game shipped to retailers needs to be recalled. While a Target memo was the first clue into what happened, the reason per a statement from Sony: “a misprinted disc at Sony Computer Entertainment America and the wrong version of theĀ Shaun White Skateboarding PlayStation 3 game was shipped to retailers.” Whoops.

Sadly, PS3 owners will now have to wait until Thursday, October 28 to start playing the game. If it’s any consolation, whoever is responsible for this is probably having a really bad week.