Blizzard still ‘figuring out’ StarCraft II story arc

Those thinking they have StarCraft‘s story all figured out may be in for a surprise; even the writers at Blizzard aren’t quite clear on how things will end up.

“Not really, no,” producer Chris Sigaty told IGN at BlizzCon when asked if even the studio has a clear idea about where the StarCraft II trilogy’s story is heading and which characters survive.

“Even things we thought we knew…we’re making pretty significant changes and still figuring things out.”

Same appears to go for everything else; Sigaty says the studio’s aiming to offer choice and different mechanics in the second campaign, as well as changes across all three races on the multiplayer side. But: “What those changes are…if I knew I couldn’t tell you, but we don’t know…we’re very, very early in the process for Heart of the Swarm.”