Epic Mickey comes with “bunches and bunches” of finale variations

How next month’s Epic Mickey ultimately wraps up will be decided by the player, developer Junction Point’s producer Adam Creighton has revealed; the choices made throughout the game will lead to “bunches and bunches” of conclusions in fact.

“As you play through Disney Epic Mickey, what you do affects you and the game world, and changes how the game plays out,” he explains in a recent fan Q&A.

The number of (un)finished quests, the fashion in which they’re finished, The Guardians attracted, and interactions with the game’s different characters all play into it.

“And yes, things you do affect the overall game, including its ending – and I will say there are ‘bunches and bunches’ of variations on the ending, depending on the choices you make.”

The Wii exclusive arrives in Europe on November 25th, UK on the 26th, and North America on the 30th.?