IO “currently not working” with Hitman voice actor

Hitman developer IO Interactive has responded to last week’s apparent Hitman 5 confirmation by voice actor David Bateson.

Calling his comments ‘flattering yet surprising’, the studio today said they “are currently not working on projects with him.” Seems like a crafty way of dodging a question, no?

Bateson is the voice behind the series’ leading man Agent 47. While under contract to keep quiet, he last week said he’s “utterly convinced” of the developer’s ability to deliver “an even more gob smacking instalment in Hitman 5.”

A new game in the series has been previously confirmed by Eidos’ life president Ian Livingstone; last May he freely admitted that a sequel “is being worked on.”

Going by a report from summer of 2009, the new game will overlap with the second film and should be expected no sooner than holiday 2011 “at the earliest,” according to a source.

Mothership Square Enix Europe’s CEO Phil Rogers has also suggested a fifth game is coming. “Io and Hitman go hand-in-hand,” he said earlier this year.