NFS Hot Pursuit demo available for limited time only

This week’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo will be available for a period of two weeks only.

EA’s announced today that it’ll pull the plug on the sampling on November 9th, leaving players precisely two weeks to check out Criterion’s latest work. Or 13 days in the case of PS3 owners in Europe; the demo arrives on EU PSN on Wednesday.

NA PSN and Xbox Live worldwide get it tomorrow.

Available in the demo will be two game modes: Dark Horse Hot Pursuit and Roadster’s Reborn.

The former has players chasing as a cop “through the coastal highway and mountainous ridges of Seacrest County,” while the latter (after unlocking it by making use of the game’s much-hyped Autolog feature) pits players against one another for the best times.

Those who play the demo also earn 500 bounty award points which can then be used in the full game as it launches on November 16th in North America and on the 19th in Europe.