Ninja Theory hiring for unannounced project

Ninja Theory’s slicing up something fresh; the UK-based Heavenly Sword developer has put out a call for a lead designer and FX artist for “a new unannounced project.”

The studio’s already known to be working on the Devil May Cry reboot for Capcom. Having just recently shipped Enslaved though has left half the studio with nothing to do (NT’s been organizing into two teams for the last year).

If it weren’t for this new project, that is.

What is it then? The job ads reveal nothing, but with studio head Tameem Antoniades saying he’d like to see more of the universe should the first game ‘gain some traction’, Enslaved 2 appears to be the easiest guess. Sadly, we’re not sure a few weeks worth of not-so-strong sales — barely over a hundred thousand units according to data cruncher VGChartz — qualifies as gaining traction.