THQ announces Homefront novel

Homefront, THQ’s upcoming Call of Duty and Medal of Honor competitor, is to launch alongside a novel, the publisher formally confirmed today.

The company’s core games division head Danny Bilson first revealed plans for a book last week at its new Montreal-based studio’s opening, saying it would deliver a story from the perspective of a reporter. But that’s about all that’s known; today’s announcement brings no new details on the novel’s contents.

It is confirmed however that John Milius (Red Dawn, Apocalypse Now) and Raymond Benson (two Metal Gear Solid books, several James Bond novels) are co-authoring.

More of THQ’s confidence in the franchise’s success is on display as well, with the novel’s release said to “coincide with the release of the first Homefront game [emphasis added].”

Not that a planned follow-up was a secret before; late last year Bilson said Homefront‘s release in March 2011 will be followed by downloadable add-ons, “until we go to Homefront 2.”