Don’t count on 2011 being the year of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

If there’s anyone left pinning hopes on 2011 being the year in which StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm sees the light of day, Blizzard really, really doesn’t want to get those hopes up.  Initially, game design chief Rob Pardo shared that the studio was “just now getting serious about breaking ground” on the second StarCraft II installment. Then, project director, Greg Canessa suggested at GDC Online that Blizzard is targeting an early Q1-Q2 2012 release timeframe.

The latest indication comes from Chris Sigaty, SC2 Lead Producer, who tells IGN that Blizzard will be “very hard pressed” to release Heart of the Swarm in 2011 since the content and mechanics are “very much in flux.” To put the undertaking in perspective, Sigaty stated that “it’s more ambitious” and “bigger than what Warcraft: The Front Throne was to Reign of Chaos.”

Alas, we’ll need to tide ourselves over with other Blizzard drama in the meantime. Any litigious folks interested in hacker lawsuits or DOTA trademark spats?