God of War dev: Rampant piracy turning PSP into an unviable platform

Ready at Dawn, the developer of next month’s PSP-bound God of War: Ghost of Sparta, is done with the system. That much was revealed yesterday when it was discovered that the studio’s next game — based on a brand new intellectual property — will not arrive on the Sony system. But why so, given the critical praise the studio’s games have received?


“It’s getting to the point where it doesn’t make sense to make games on [PSP], if the piracy keeps on increasing,” creative director Ru Weerasuriya has said in a recent interview. “It’s a tough call right now to say what’s going to happen to it and where it’s going to go, but it definitely hurts a lot of developers out there who are trying to make great games.”

Multiplayer and online connectivity have allowed the bigger PC game developers do dodge some of the problem — Blizzard with its Battle.net for example — but handhelds aren’t so lucky. “On portable platforms it’s definitely more rampant right now,” he adds. “You can go to Hong Kong and get one cart for the DS with practically every single game that’s ever come out for it.”

Weerasuriya  continued, revealing that Ready at Dawn was in fact readying to make an exit from the PSP arena after it finished 2006’s Daxter and 2008’s God of War: Chains of Olympus; “..we thought that was it for us. We even sent our dev kits back.”

Sony had different goals: “they definitely wanted a second game.”

Now that said game is done and shipping to retailers, however, the developer is truly moving on.