Kinect will be profitable from launch

You would think that with the millions of dollars that went into creating this piece of technology, with the first prototype costing Microsoft $30,000 dollars, paying a mere $150 bucks for Kinect would not make anyone any richer, right? As it turns out, it actually will be sold at a profit from the get-go, according to Microsoft’s head of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick.

If you also add the half a billion dollars that Microsoft is investing to market Kinect – a taste of which you can see in the first official TV ad – well, you see where this is going, don’t you? However, and in all fairness, it might be paying off as retailers are already reporting shortages and Microsoft reporting to be “working hard” to meet demands.

Mattrick didn’t offer any numbers, but they will eventually leak, and when they do, we’ll see how big of a profit a tech like this actually is.