Mario could spin an Epic Yarn of his own

Kirby might not be the only Nintendo character to get tangled up in yarn. Following the success of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Takashi Ikegami, manager at Hal, has spoken about the possibility of bringing the franchise to other characters like – you guessed it – Mario.

He commented about the game’s visuals: “When I first saw them, I thought they were perfect for Kirby. I think there’s a lot of potential for expanding this style to other series, like making a game called Mario’s Epic Yarn. That’s how well I thought the foundation had been laid, so I was really happy that from among all the characters available it was Kirby who was chosen.”

We’d welcome more¬†games in the series¬†with open arms. We’re just thinking what we could do with Metroid’s Epic Yarn right now.

Okay, kidding on that one.