Spencer: Kinect is core to Xbox, just like Live

Phil Spencer, Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, is continuing the marketing push for Kinect, their soon-to-be-out motion control device, by stating that eventually “you’re not going to see that differentiation between ‘is that a Kinect game?’ and ‘is that not a Kinect game?’” That doesn’t mean to imply that all future games on the Xbox will be controller-less, Spencer just means that we will think of them all as 360 games, not divided into Kinect/non-Kinect groups.

“We view Kinect as a fundamental part of the platform,” Spencer said. “It is as core to the platform as Xbox Live is.”

He goes on to say that, just like Live is being “used in many different ways across many different experiences that we build,” developers can use the cameras attached to their dev kits to add in Kinect in ways that they feel enhance their game’s experience.

Spencer adds in the fact that he believes the Kinect experience will be enhanced by the third party devs: “expect to see Kinect across all genres. All genres will support Kinect at some point.”