Capcom’s profits fall 40% in first half of financial year

Capcom managed to make a good deal of profit in the first half of their financial year, which is good news considering their problems with games like Lost Planet 2. However overall profits were down 39.9% since 2009, from ¥2,967 million ($36.35 million) then, to ¥1,784 million ($21.86 million) now. That’s a bit of a weird one seeing as they turned over ¥40,706 million ($499 million) this year as opposed to last year’s ¥38,892 million ($476 million).

They also admitted that “overall sales remained stagnant due in part to the delay in the release of Dead Rising 2, in addition to the sharp appreciation of the yen and the substantial underperformance of Lost Planet 2 relative to projections.” A revised forecast for the rest of the year has landed them at ¥6500 million ($79.6 million) in profit which is a 19.4% drop year-on-year.

The publisher used their report to show off Dead Rising 2 sales, which have topped 2 million. They’ve also announced renaming the game’s developer, Blue Castle, to Capcom Game Studio Vancouver to go along with their acquisition of the team.

Capcom have a range of titles to look forward to still like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and their 3DS software, so there’s still fight in the rest of their financial year.